STD Bank1It is a fact; no pageant would be a success without the generous support and sponsorship of its sponsors. This includes the Miss Namibia Pageant. Their commitment to the Miss Namibia pageant as a vehicle to identify young intelligent, beautiful, enthusiastic Namibian girls, to be a role model for other young people and to make a contribution to the disadvantaged in the society should be applauded. Through Miss Namibia’s sponsorship they make their resources work for the betterment of our country and its people. It also gives them the opportunity to create more possibilities for charitable awareness and reward the Namibian community for their hard work and dedication for a better tomorrow.

At the 2007 Miss Namibia Pageant, “The Women of Excellence” campaign has been launched by Standard Bank Namibia in collaboration with the Miss Namibia Pageant. Community members nominate women-run charity organisations as part of the project and nominees are placed in one of two categories, one for women who have contributed greatly to the less privileged and the second for “a spirit of generosity and kindness”. The bank’s support towards the Miss Namibia Pageant goes beyond the beauty pageant. Ultimately, their support focuses on women that are contributing to the upliftment of the poor and the needy.

The First Search 2008 Winner for Category A was Susan de Beer, Margareth Hange & Anna Owoses from the Okahandja Home-Based Caregivers; and Category B was Monica  M Matli-Nyaungwa from the Monitronic Success College. The Second Search 2010 Winner for Category A was Karin Woermann while Category B went to Meme Maria  Shalukeni from the Megameno Home for Orphans Trust. The Third Search of 2012 Category A winner was Michelle McLean-Bailey, of the Michelle McLean Children’s Trust and Category B was Patricia Sola of the Hope Initiative Namibia.

Standard Bank has launched its fourth search for the Standard Bank Women of Excellence Award during the crowning event on 3 August 2013. These winners will be announced during the pageant in August 2014. Entry forms can be collected at the Standard Bank Head Office in the Town Square Centre, Windhoek on the 4th floor, Marketing Department, or from all Standard Bank Branches from the branch manager. The entry forms can also be downloaded from the Miss Namibia website www.missnamibia.org .

The Namibian nation is again invited in the search, to nominate “Women of Excellence” who have excelled in contributing in areas where specific communities most need their unconditional support.

Conny Maritz

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